Thursday, March 5, 2009

Energy Conservation at St Helen's School, Hamilton

Last Thursday, (26th February) I spoke to a most engaging group of little people about energy conservation-or should I say they presented to me. I learned from this delightful class of 21 kids that many of their mothers hang the wash in the basement to dry, that many use fans rather than air conditioners, that they make sure to turn off the lights when not in use and the TV goes off with a big switch on the power bar. These little 6 year olds know more than many grown ups I have encountered. What's more they mean business. As we have learned from the example of Woodward school (that thanks to the efforts of the school children and Environment Hamilton,Brenda Johnson's initiation reduced their garbage out put from 94 black bags to 4!!!) kids are passionate about do right action. Pay attention grown ups.
The kids, accompanied by the adults tested plug in appliances with our electronic meters (one of which was accidentally dropped and now no longer works) and I left them with a 14 page colouring book each and an energy conservation planner to bring home to mom and dad.
See this link for the colouring book we used:

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